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Toddels were born out of children’s drawings. Their shape is simple and they all have long ears or a long tail.  Children love chewing on or playing with these long tails and ears. Toddels are like humans, they like to play. Their soft cotton and warm sheep’s wool makes them a great companion for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Materials : Terrycloth 100% Cotton, Single Jersey 100% Cotton, Stuffing: 100% Wool.


48.34.1 Comforter Rabby Red

48.34.3 Comforter Doggo Blue



48.34.1 Comforter Classic Rabby-Red

48.34.3 Comforter Classic Doggo-Blue

Dimension = 25cm


Price: S$19.90




Toddels Pastel are made of soft velvet cotton in soft pink, blue, silver grey or golden yellow. They make happy and lovable friends for babies and toddlers. Materials: Velvet 100% Cotton, Stuffing: 100% Wool.

48.01.1 Rattle Girly Pink

48.01.3 Rattle Boyo Blue


48.01.1 Rattle Pastel Girly-Pink

48.01.3 Rattle Pastel Boyo-Blue

Dimension = 18cm


Price: S$13.90



48.05.1 Comforter Girly Pink

48.05.3 Comforter Boyo Blue


48.05.1 Comforter Pastel Girly-Pink

48.05.3 Comforter Pastel Boyo-Blue

Dimension = 25cm


Price: S$19.90



Toddels Stripes has become the largest collection in Keptin-Jr’s family of soft toys, comprising rattles, pacifier-clips, and even a soft cuddly pillow. The colour of natural, non-bleached cotton matches well with their red or blue stripes. Materials : Terrycloth 100% Cotton, Single Jersey 100% Cotton, Stuffing: 100% Wool.

48.11.1 Rattle Girly Red  48.11.3 Rattle Boyo Blue


48.11.1 Rattle Stripes Girly-Red

48.11.3 Rattle Stripes Boyo-Navy

Dimension = 18cm


Price: S$13.90




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